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These are Class IV EVS Quizzes designed as per NCERT syllabus for Class 4 EVS students. It is designed for practice purpose.

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Questions in these quizzes are based on NCERT. KVS, CBSE, or NVS syllabus for class 4. These tests can also be used by other schools that follow the same curriculum.

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Chapter 1. Going to School
Chapter 2. Ear to Ear
Chapter 3. A Day with Nandu
Chapter 4. The Story of Amrita
Chapter 5. Anita and the Honeybees
Chapter 6. Omana’s Journey
Chapter 7. From the Window
Chapter 8. Reaching Grandmother’s House
Chapter 9. Changing Families
Chapter 10. Hu Tu Tu, Hu Tu Tu
Chapter 11. The Valley of Flowers
Chapter 12. Changing Times
Chapter 13. A River’s Tale
Chapter 14. Basva’s Farm
Chapter 15. From Market to Home
Chapter 16. A busy Month
Chapter 17. Nandita in Mumbai
Chapter 18. Too Much Water, Too Little Water
Chapter 19. Abdul in the Garden
Chapter 20. Eating Together
Chapter 21. Food and Fun
Chapter 22. The World in my Home
Chapter 23. Pochampalli
Chapter 24. Home and Abroad
Chapter 25. Spicy Riddles
Chapter 26. Defence Officer: Wahida
Chapter 27. Chuskit Goes to School