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All chapters free chapter-wise Quizzes.

These are Class V EVS Quizzes designed as per NCERT syllabus for Class 5 EVS. These are designed for practice purpose.
These NCERT Class V EVS Quizzes help you remember the topic and enhance your learning.

Who can use these NCERT Class V EVS Quizzes?

Questions in these quizzes are based on NCERT. KVS, CBSE, and NVS syllabus for class 5. These tests can also be used by other schools that follow the same curriculum.

Attempt the Quiz by clicking the name of the chapter.

Chapter 12: What if it Finish? Quiz
Chapter 13: A Shelter so High Quiz
Chapter 14: When the Earth Shook Quiz
Chapter 15: Blow Hot, Blow Cold Quiz
Chapter 16: Who will do this Work? Quiz
Chapter 17: Across the Wall Quiz
Chapter 18: No Place for Us? Quiz
Chapter 19: A Seed tells a Farmer’s Story Quiz
Chapter 20: Whose Forests? Quiz

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